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About us

GoodSpeaks connects issues in the news to actions and media from causes, nonprofits, and NGOs. We keep you up to date on cause-related actions and events, build playlists of media that show how nonprofits and NGOs are responding to important issues, and we show you what actions you can take to change the story. We also feature video-making how-to's and other resources for nonprofits.

Who's Behind GoodSpeaks?

Based in the Washington, DC area, GoodSpeaks is an ever-evolving, open-source project of the 501(c)3 organization SpaceforGood. We gladly accept

, and was informed by her work as a news producer, speechwriter, communications director, and all-around cheerleader for good causes

Watch what people have to say about us:

the GoodSpeaks project: what people are saying... from GoodSpeaks on Vimeo.


"Great New Calendar Resource" -Journalist's Resource, Harvard Kennedy School of Government


"This is a wonderful idea."  -Cynthia Samuels, Managing Editor, Causes at


"A brilliant idea that will make life easier for nonprofits, for television broadcasters, and even for people at home who just want to know more about a certain issue." -Sarah Morton, former TV news producer, current nonprofit publicist


"I love what you're doing" -Steve Braker, Worthwhile Films


"It's a really exciting initiative."  -Kate Gross, Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative


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