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Can Every State in the US Survive on Only Renewable Energy? Stanford Professor Says Yes, by 2050

A Stanford professor maps out a plan for each state in the United States to rely purely upon solar, wind and water power by 2050.



Stanford professor of civil and environmental engineering, Mark Jacobson, recently unveiled “The Solutions Project,” a plan for all fifty states to develop a 100 percent renewable energy policy by 2050. “Drastic problems require drastic and immediate solutions,” said Jacobson. “Our new roadmap is designed to provide each state a first step toward a renewable future.”


Jacobson envisions a broad scale transition over the next 35 years that can result in the United States relying purely upon solar, wind and water power. Clearly, different states would draw upon different mixes of renewable energy. The fun part of this important project is an interactive web site that you can visit and see the plan for your state.


Alaska, for example, would be able to develop less than 6 percent solar power, but could comfortably rely on 50 percent wind power. Other states with high wind power predictions include Illinois at 65 percent and Kansas at 70 percent. For Arizona, Jacobson predicts developing 70 percent solar power and for Florida the professor predicts nearly 80 percent solar power.


Altogether, Jacobson's plan draws upon eight renewable energy sources, including roof photovoltaic systems, solar power plants, wave devices, geothermal energy and tidal turbines.


Jacobson is using popular media and celebrity power to get the word out about The Solutions Project, teaming up with actor Mark Ruffalo to do a media tour, and even appearing on The Late Show with David Letterman.


Asked by The Late Show host in this interview if "Everything is going to be OK," given the current projected temperature rise due to climate change,  Jacobson reassures us.  "Everything will be OK if we all collectively put our mind to it.  There [are] no technological or economic limitations to solving these problems.  It's a social and political problem, primarily."




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What You Can Do


Visit Global Solutions' website and find out how your state can generate 100% renewable energy.


Like the Solutions Project's Facebook page and spread the word.


Share Jacobson's Interview on the Late Show with David Letterman every chance you get.


 Check Out the website The Price of Oil, and join the campaign to demand that the government stop directing taxpayer dollars to support fossil fuels.