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Gun Control Advocates Step Up Action as Senate Considers Gun Legislation

NBC reports that Democratic leadership aides expect the full Senate to debate a series of gun laws on the floor in early April.   The bills, including an assault weapons ban, a school safety measure, a universal background check bill and a law placing tighter restrictions on gun trafficking, are currently being considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee.   President Obama, Democrats, and many grassroots organizations call these measures critical in addressing rampant gun violence in America.    Of the four, the assault weapons ban is expected to face the most opposition by Senate Republicans.


Meanwhile, Nonprofit organizations have stepped up their efforts to put pressure on Congress to pass tougher restrictions on guns and ammunition.  The multi-faith organization Groundswell is asking congregations to hold a faith event on the weekend of March 8-10 and/or on March 15-17 to help prevent gun violence, for which the organization provides resources such as event ideas, worship and prayer resources, hymns, and educational tools.    The organization Mayors Against Illegal Guns is helping people call their Congressional Representatives to demand that the proposed gun laws get a vote.  The group Moms Demand Action, which organized the One Million Moms for Gun Control march in Washington, DC in January, is planning “Moms Take the Hill”™ day on March 13 "to encourage American moms from across the country to converge on the Capitol and meet with their Congressional representatives to discuss the need for immediate action on common-sense gun laws."  The group is also asking moms to cut out and decorate eight paper dolls, representing the eight children who are shot and killed in America every day.


To find out more and participate in actions against gun violence, see our media gallery below and follow #TimeToAct on Twitter.