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How Long Could You Survive on $1.25 a Day? Play This Game and Find Out.

A new game confronts you with the dire choices that must be made every day by people living in extreme poverty.  How long could you survive?



Live58, an alliance of  Christian poverty-fighting organizations working to end extreme poverty by 2035, has created a game that puts you in the shoes of one of the millions of people aorund the world living in extreme poverty, and asks you to make heart-wrenching choices every day in order to survive.  


Called Survive 125, the game gives you an identity– a young mother of four,  an occupation– bricklayer, and a daily income of $1.25.  From there your goal is to simply survive, while doing your best to care for your children.  


One day, you are given the choice to live in a rural village, where, according to the game, 70% of the world's poorest people live, or an urban slum.  


Another day you are faced with the choice of vaccinating your children against childhood diseases, or having enough food to eat for a week.  


Later, you are led to choose between sending your daughter to work in a factory with known sex traffickers, or keeping her at home and risk your family's starvation.




Live58's leader, Dr. Scott Todd, has named extreme poverty as the “one single killer” responsible for the early deaths of millions, warning that “wherever poverty has a stronghold, the statistics are grim.”  According to the organization's website, Live58 wants people of the Christian faith to "be known for a radical commitment to ending extreme poverty, replacing the negative perceptions of what the word "Christian" means."  


Included in this alliance of faith-based organizations are Food for the Hungry, Compassion International, World Relief, Plant with Purpose, and many other groups.   These organizations together provide 10 solutions that the alliance says are required to end extreme poverty by 2035, which are: child development, microenterprise, clean water, disaster relief, food security, aid and policy, justice and human rights, sustainable agriculture, environmental stewardship, and community development. 


What You Can Do


Play Live125 and see how long you can survive on US$1.25 a day.


Sign the Live58 Pledge.


Be a Part the Solution - support one or more of the 10 solutions to extreme poverty.


Pledge to Fast (Give Up Something for a Period of Time) to support the end of extreme poverty.