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National Day to Demand Action to Reduce Gun Violence


The organizations Mayors Against Illegal Guns and SignOn have planned "the largest on-the-ground organizing campaign in the history of gun violence prevention."        The National Day to Demand Action is an opportunity for constituents to show their Representatives home for recess strong support for the bill recently introduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to establish universal background checks, increase federal gun trafficking laws, and make our schools safer.


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While the bill put forward by Senator Reid did not include an assault weapons ban and limits on high capacity magazines, Reid promised that once the bill goes to the Senate floor, he "will ensure that a ban on assault weapons, limits to high-capacity magazines, and mental health provisions receive votes, along with other amendments."


Recent polls suggest that more than 8 and 10 Americans favor background checks, regardess of political party. 



Some of the actions of the day: