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SCOTUS Ruling on DOMA and Prop 8 Expected This Week

The Supreme Court this week may rule on two historic same-sex marriage cases, commonly known as Prop 8 and DOMA.  As the end of the term is drawing near, so is growing the anticipation for these potentially ground-breaking decisions. 


Lawyers from dozens of interest groups try to outdo one another in predicting the different scenarios that may result in the judges’ decisions.  These speculations range from a sweeping, nationwide victory for the marriage equality movement, to its ignominious defeat.  Indeed, the Supreme Court has the power to change the nation forever, one way or another.  The Human Rights Campaign website offers an easy breakdown of possible rulings with their consequences for marriage equality in California and across the nation. 


Most same-sex marriage advocates are optimistic.  This is because the tide seems to have turned in their favor for good.  Since the Supreme Court announced to bring up the issue in January, the civil rights movement has seen many important victories.  Over the last two months, legislatures in three states – Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota – legalized same-sex marriage.   Similarly, many staunch opponents from the political world have seen a change of heart on the issue.  Most recently, Lisa Murkowski, the Republican Senator from Alaska, announced her support for gay marriage, which she voted against in a state referendum in 1998.  Senator Murkowski thus joined two other GOP senators – Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Rob Portman (R-OH) – who declared earlier this year that they were switching sides in the debate. 


The change is not coming just to America.  Since the beginning of 2013, Brazil and France legalized same-sex marriage.  New Zealand and Uruguay are joining soon, and the same-sex marriage bill is close to being passed in England and Wales.   


The big news from the Supreme Court is expected some time next week.