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Use Your Instagram Likes to Support Good Causes

A new platform can turn a "like" on Instagram into financial support for a worthy cause.


If you have an Instagram account, chances are, you are guilty of overusing the like button on coveted photos of your friend’s dinner or your coworker’s vacation.


Sure your Instagram likes are well meaning, but what if you could direct your likes to support worthy causes such as feeding a needy child or funding the dreams of an aspiring ballerina in a struggling community?


With We Like To Give, Instagram users now have a chance to support a cause that is close to their heart, with a just a touch of a button.


Created by Michael and Ashley Savisky of Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania, We Like To Give provides charities and sponsors the center stage on its Instagram feed through a visual post that has been carefully crafted. The post goes live for a 24-hour period where every like on the post counts as a donation amount given to the charity, as set by the sponsor.


The co-founding couple likens the Instagram like button to the Facebook poke - a glorified purposeless feature. "I feel a tinge of sadness when I come across the Instagram feeds of charities I admire. Often they have 50-60 followers and little activity compared to the tens of thousands of likes and follows the average pop star gets" explained Michael Savisky. "It was clear to me that We Like To Give was the missing link to making likes more meaningful" Savisky said.


The fundraising platform will begin featuring weekly sponsored posts in July 2014 with hopes to grow over the coming year with daily sponsored posts.


The benefits of a sponsored post are endless. Unlike traditional fundraising where the perks are short-lived, We Like To Give offers nonprofits the platform to thrive on the continuing support and exposure. Sponsors, on the other hand, will partner with consumers in active giving, while creating awareness and building positive consumer relations for their company.


The first and only Instagram give-per-like™ fundraiser, We Like To Give is changing the face of social giving and creating a simpler access to fundraising.


What You Can Do


Join in the support today: @WeLikeToGive