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"Wonderbag" Revolutionizes Cooking in Africa and the US

A simple, but effective tool to save fuel and time while cooking has the potential to improve lives all over the world.



Imagine a cooking item that helps low-income households save up to 30% on fuel costs, cuts down on the amount of time spent in the kitchen, and saves on the amount of water needed for cooking.   This tool helps women (and men), especially in poorer countries around the world, spend more time with their families, instead of walking long distances to collect enough wood to cook a meal that  simmers for hours.  Well, Wonderbag– a simple heat retention device developed in South Africa– helps to do all of these things.


And the Wonderbag is incredibly easy to use. You simply bring your meat stew, curry or rice to the boil on a regular stove and then seal the pot in the Wonderbag for a few hours to continue cooking.

Sarah Collins, the founder of Wonderbag, came up with the idea for this item in 2008 during a series of power cuts in South Africa. She was frustrated with half-cooked food so she decided to surround her pans with cushions like her grandmother use to do.  This small idea, although not a new technology since bushmen used to bury their pots underground hundreds of years ago, has turned into a bag with a unique and extremely effective design with numerous benefits.  


The Wonderbag could help alleviate the daily struggles of millions in areas where people spend up to half of their day cooking and one third of their income on cooking fuel.  The Wonderbag cuts down on time and costs, and reduces the time spent collecting firewood (usually a task done by women) which not only frees up time for other activities, but also helps to keep women and children from dangers they may encounter outside of their homes.  By insulating food instead of applying heat, the risk of fires and burns decreases, as well as the amount of indoor pollution from smoke and flames.  Wonderbag not only heats food, it helps keep food cold and/or frozen, which helps to minimize food waste.



The greatest benefit of the Wonderbag is that it helps empower women. The item helps provide them free time to do as they please. Some may use that time to spend it with their family and friends, some may work to help bring more income into their household and some may decide to go back to school. The possibilities are endless.


What You Can Do


Buy a Wonderbag.  For every Wonderbag purchased in the US, one is donated to a family in Africa. (Visit: if you can't use Amazon where you are.)


Donate a Wonderbag to a person in need.


Check out Wonderbag statistics.