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Our Wonderful Donors, Volunteers, and Sponsors:

Thank you for being a friend...

We can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks...


Today GoodSpeaks says a fond fawewell to three fabulous interns: Michael Waidmann and Megan Oliver (pictured) and Bora Mici.  They have contributed their time, remarkable talents, and inpired ideas to our site, and we are deeply grateful for their participation.  We wish you the best as you move on to new challenges and adventures.


Interning with GoodSpeaks

When I was joining GoodSpeaks, I knew it was a unique project.  As it turned out, it also has a unique leader.  Kristen’s passion is contagious.  She is understanding, extremely kind, and always open to new ideas.  Working with her was a pure pleasure, as her positive energy did not make it seem like a regular internship.  It felt more like a joint project of a group of friends, which made researching and writing the articles and compiling media galleries for GoodSpeaks so much more than just a responsibility. 


During the internship, I learned more than I could imagine.  I realized that writing and media curating are both fun and rewarding.  I found myself writing more and better every month, not least thanks to Kristen’s constructive feedback.  The variety of topics I covered, many of which I personally care about, made me feel like I was part of some of the most important events that shaped the United States and the world in the first part of 2013. 


Kristen cares deeply about the success of the project, which is why I am sure it will be even more impactful in the future.  I am honored for having had an opportunity to contribute to this amazing initiative and to get to know Kristen.  If you wonder whether or not you should apply for an internship with GoodSpeaks – stop and just do it!

Thank You and (Sniff) So Long!

For the past four months two amazing interns Michael Mikulewicz and Vanessa Douglas – have been invaluable members of GoodSpeaks' team, pitching story ideas, writing brilliantly about a wide variety of topics, and helping to shape the voice of our site.  

Our first internship program could not have gone better thanks to their talent and commitment, and GoodSpeaks will be forever grateful for the work they have done.


So long and best wishes to you both, Michael and Vanessa!



To the Fabulous Women of Grace Hopper Open Source Day

This fuzzy photo does not do justice to the brilliance and ingenuity buzzing around the room during Grace Hopper Open Source Day this year.  Many many thanks to the fabulous crew of hackers who helped make GoodSpeaks.. better.
Included are Anne-Marie Imafidon, Joy Ebertz, Eden Ambinder, Amy Platt, Dhevi Rajendran, Ketki Warudkar.



And an extra shout out to the brilliant Christie Koehler of Mozilla who dove into the guts of our site to make it possible for us to participate.



Thanks also to the organizers of Grace Hopper Open Source DayDirector Leslie Hawthorn and Members Avni Khatri and Natalia Vinnik.

How to Help:

GoodSpeaks relies on the kindness of volunteers, donors, and sponsors.  Anything you can give would help!  All donations, sponsors, volunteers will be acknowledged here on our Good Friends page.


For donations of $20, we're handing out stickers with the GoodSpeaks logo, pictured at left.

For donations of $50, we'll give you a GoodSpeaks T-Shirt in your choice of size.

For donations of $75, you'll get either a GoodSpeaks mug or a GoodSpeaks T-Shirt in your choice of size.



If your company or nonprofit organization would like to sponsor GoodSpeaks, find out more here.

And if you would like to contribute your marketing, design, technical, or editorial expertise consider joining GoodSpeaks' Board of Advisors.

Or, join GoodSpeaks as a volunteer and help us keep on top of nonprofit news events, find and organize relevant nonprofit media and data, and/or improve our website and the services we provide to our users.

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