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GoodSpeaks Guidelines for Media

GoodSpeaks seeks to promote media created by and for 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and some other charitable organizations.    We respect these organizations’ right to free speech and we do not seek to avoid controversial topics or suppress material meant to be evocative; however, it is necessary for the good of our community that we post some common-sense guidelines for the media that we choose to include on our site:

  1. We consider carefully material meant for “shock value,” for example, extremely violent, disturbing or sexually provocative images or audio.  We will include such media only if there simply can not be a better way to make people understand an organization’s work and/or mission, and GoodSpeaks reserves the right to remove such material if enough viewers and/or other users complain that it is needlessly offensive.    
  2. We won’t post videos with copyrighted material unless we have explicit, verifiable permission to use it.    Such material could include: parts of copyrighted programs, music tracks, and copyrighted images.  Again, GoodSpeaks reserves the right to remove a video from its site if we receive complaints that copyrights have been violated, at least until and unless someone can prove to us that we do in fact have permission to use the copyrighted material in question.
  3. Absolutely no hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity) is allowed.   We also generally avoid material associated with groups labelled as “hate groups” if we determine that the label has merit, and GoodSpeaks reserves the right to make that determination at our sole discretion.
  4. Religious material and references to a specific faith or belief are allowed; however, all such material must be presented in a way that respects the rights and beliefs of others.  Material can not be presented in such a way as to compare the beliefs, morality, and/or salvation of members of a particular religious or secular organization to those of other belief systems.  This site is not meant to be a recruiting tool for one particular belief over another; rather, it is space where charitable organizations, religious or otherwise, have the opportunity to explain and promote the good work that they do so that they may gain more support to continue their work.  
  5. GoodSpeaks reserves the right to remove media if the organization it refers to is suspected of seeking funds for the personal (i.e. not charitable) gain of an individual or group of individuals, or is endorsing or opposing a political candidate or donating money or time to political campaign (we do not promote the work of 501(c)4 organizations).
  6. GoodSpeaks will do our best to provide a wide range and diversity of media; however, we reserve the right to publish or deny media at our discretion, without explanation.
  7. These guidelines may be amended as circumstances arise; so be sure to check them from time to time and stay informed.