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Interning with GoodSpeaks

When I was joining GoodSpeaks, I knew it was a unique project.  As it turned out, it also has a unique leader.  Kristen’s passion is contagious.  She is understanding, extremely kind, and always open to new ideas.  Working with her was a pure pleasure, as her positive energy did not make it seem like a regular internship.  It felt more like a joint project of a group of friends, which made researching and writing the articles and compiling media galleries for GoodSpeaks so much more than just a responsibility. 


During the internship, I learned more than I could imagine.  I realized that writing and media curating are both fun and rewarding.  I found myself writing more and better every month, not least thanks to Kristen’s constructive feedback.  The variety of topics I covered, many of which I personally care about, made me feel like I was part of some of the most important events that shaped the United States and the world in the first part of 2013. 


Kristen cares deeply about the success of the project, which is why I am sure it will be even more impactful in the future.  I am honored for having had an opportunity to contribute to this amazing initiative and to get to know Kristen.  If you wonder whether or not you should apply for an internship with GoodSpeaks – stop and just do it!

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