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Climate Change

Pope Francis Calls on Christians to Fight Climate Change

Following a Vatican-sponsored Sustainability Summit, the Pope reminded Christians of their duty to protect God's creation, and warned of dire consequences of avoiding this responsibility.

White House Warns Climate Change is Happening Now

The third US National Climate Change Assessment, just released, says that climate change is a critical threat to every region of the country, and that is happening now.

Harvard Students Stage Blockade to Demand An Open Conversation About Fossil Fuel Divestment

Harvard's Divestment movement raises the ante for an administration unwilling to engage in open dialogue about its endowment's investments in fossil fuels.

28 Senators Pull An All-Nighter to Wake Us Up to the Reality of Climate Change

A group of 28 Senators gave 14 hours of speeches, overnight on Monday imploring our government to act to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

This NASA Visualization Should Erase Any Lingering Doubts About Global Warming

NASA's eye-opening visualization Six Decades of a Warming Earth shows how the average global tempure has risen since 1950.

Renewables Make Up More than One-Third of U.S. New Energy Growth: Environmentalists Want More

Renewable energy accounts for 16% of US energy capacity, and is growing faster than any other energy source, according to a recent government energy report.

Is Renewable Energy Inevitable? Absolutely, says Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The serial entrepreneur and celebrated "big thinker" says it is easier to meet America's electricity needs with renewable energy than most might think.

Warsaw Climate Talks Deliver Tepid Results: NGOs Walk Out in Protest

No agreements were reached regarding standards for lowering emissions, how reduction plans will be evaluated, or who will pay to help countries affected by climate change.

International Energy Agency Warns World Headed Toward 3.6⁰C Warming by 2035

The International Energy Agency (IEA) report warns that current carbon dioxide emission projections will threaten the planet's "delicate equilibrium," and urges a low-carbon path to tackle climate change.