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Video for Change: Distribution is Key

Sixty hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. To compete in this media saturated environment, I often preach that NGOs should be a channel, continually pumping out information, telling stories about who they are and what they do. But creating content is only half the battle. A video is useless if it isn’t seen or isn’t seen by the right people. And this is especially true when talking about video for social or environmental change. So, how do we cut through the noise, rise to the top and ensure our videos make a difference? The answer is strategic distribution!

Why Nonprofits Should Care about Linked Data and the Semantic Web

by Kristen Milhollin

The meaning and implications of the semantic web have not been understood by many people outside of a very small cluster who have embraced it since World Wide Web Founder Tim Berners-Lee announced at TED in 2009  his idea that it would be useful if the internet did more than hold unrelated documents - if it instead began to hold more data, and link related data together in a logical framework. SpaceforGood takes a look at what Linked Data can do, and what nonprofits can do with it.