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Moms March Across America to Label GMOs

Genetically modified foods have stirred debate among industry supporters and opponents ever since they were introduced to market in the mid-1990s.

Among concerns are links to allergies in children, pesticide resistance, which could lead to the evolution of superweeds, and seed contamination on

March Against Monsanto

From March Against and

The group March Against Monsanto, a coalition of over 30 organizations opposed to Genetically Modified Foods (also called GMOs), has organized a global #MarchAgainstMonsanto event with protests and events scheduled in 45 countries and in all

Activists Ask Obama to Refuse to Sign "Monsanto Protection Act"

Organizations that seek to limit the spread of Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) such as Food Democracy Now and the Alliance for Natural Health are reporting that Congress has just passed the so-called Farmer Assurance Provision (Section 735) of H.R.

GMO-Free Inauguration

On Monday, January 21, OccupyMonsanto and safe-food activists will rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC to demand that President Obama follow through with his campaign promise to require genetically modified foods (a.k.a. GMOs) to be labeled.