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Open Access

Thousands of Important Ancient Texts and Manuscripts Now Available Online

Millions of pages of ancient books and manuscripts, including some of the most important printed works in the world, are now available online.

World's Largest Public Research University Invites Public to Freely Access Its Research Online

Late last month, faculty of the University of California (UC), the largest public research university in the world, was the latest of over 175 universities to institute an Open Access Policy.  Over the next year, articles produced by faculty of the UC's 10 campuses will be made available to the

Open Access Week: Demand Public Access for Publicly-Funded Research

Open Access refers to unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse of content and is most often applied in the context of articles published in scholarly journals, and it matters because with the advent of online publishing, it no longer makes sense to charge for content derived from publicly funded research when it is possible to provide it to everyone with internet access for free.